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I thought it was about time I broke my silence with all the war madness around us. The Israeli attack on Palestine people in Gaza is continuing, with the death-toll and casualties rising dramatically (many of whom innocent people and children). Noone is praising Hama’s terrorist attacks but this does not justify in any way the brutal force and the total disrespect that Israel has demonstrated. Following are some pics I took from the latest demonstration against the war in Gaza here in Athens.







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It’s been almost two months since my last post here in River66 (been too busy with Athens66 and work in general). I do promise to continue posting here though (hopefully really soon). I’m actually planning on a couple of posts for the next weeks. Until then though, I’ll continue with another personal set of photographs. These were all taken on a photoshoot we did for one of my buddies’ band named Freedom of Speech. The whole session was of’course amateur and mostly for fun. Nevertheless check their music out and enjoy the attempt.

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I guess it’s time to post my first series of photographs. They’re from my last trip a week ago up in Scotland. I tried a different approach with this, perhaps it worked perhaps it didn’t. Anyway, the pictures are mostly a respect to the city that gave us Belle & Sebastian…and for that we trully thank you Glasgow. Enjoy (or hate)..

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