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Continuing on my previous post, I thought it would be quite interesting to post the most expensive photographs ever sold. The list has been compiled according to everyone’s favorite source (Wikipedia). While many will doubt the photographic value of some of these photos, one thing is for certain; photography has entered the art world and is gaining ground in galleries everyday. Still, there is quite some way till a photograph reaches the $137.5 millions that Willem de Kooning’s Woman III (or the alleged $140 million of Jackson Pollock’s No.5) was sold for.

10. Identical Twins (1967) by Diane Arbus $478,400

Identical Twins

9. Tree (1855) Gustave Le Gray $513,150


8. Untitled 5 (1997) Andreas Gursky $559,724

Untitled V

7. Moonrise (1948) Ansel Adams $609,600

6. Andy Warhol (1987) Robert Mapplethorpe $643,200

Andy Warhol

5. The Great Wave (1857) Gustave Le Gray $838,000

The Great Wave

4. Temple de Jupiter (1842) Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey $922,488

Temple de Jupiter

3. Untitled (Cowboy) (1989) Richard Prince $1,248,000

Untitled Cowboy

2. The Pond-Moonlight (1904) Edward Steichen $2,928,000

The Pond-Moonlight

1. 99 Cent II Diptychon (2001) Andreas Gursky $3,346,456

99 Cent II Diptychon


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