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Osamu Kanemura

Osamu Kanemura has a unique vision that makes his photographs stand out. It all started back in Tokyo while he was working delivering newspapers across the city. His work portrays the urban landscape without sticking to any composition rules. His photographs capture the architectural madness and chaos of Japan’s capital from awkward spots. Slightly tilted angles, slightly underexposed and heavily overcrowded, his compositions provide a real insight to everyday life in the streets of Tokyo.
Following massive praise for his work, Osamu decided to pursue his love for B&W urban landscapes into the western world, with his next series in Germany and Finland. While the confusion and complexity of his early work vanished from this latter series, his photographs are still visually intense and continue to offer a different dimension to everyday settings. Each series he produced reaffirms that most modern cities are more “a product of unchecked growth than of design”, to quote MOMA’s introduction to his work. However, there is always a vision behind all his compositions, which rises from the city’s life and culture itself. As Osamu best described it, “you cannot speak of a part of something if you haven´t understood the whole.”


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