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I guess it’s time to post my first series of photographs. They’re from my last trip a week ago up in Scotland. I tried a different approach with this, perhaps it worked perhaps it didn’t. Anyway, the pictures are mostly a respect to the city that gave us Belle & Sebastian…and for that we trully thank you Glasgow. Enjoy (or hate)..


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Cindy Sherman

I have been postponing this for quite some time now (I know it’s been a while since my last post). I have downloaded on my computer a number of photos by Cindy Sherman yet never seem to find the time to post them. Better late than never though (I really need to start working again on this blog since I’ve mostly focused on my Athens66 one. This goes down on my to-do or more appropriately hope-to-find-time-to-do list, along with posting a couple of more tributes to established contemporary photographers and also introducing some new work form new talents. The list also goes on for my personal photography projects, where I need to go out and buy some new lenses and a proper flash, a medium-format set to start exploring this form as well, a Polaroid which I always wanted, an A3 printer and most of all some time to just enjoy photographing again). But back to our current subject..

Cindy Sherman started off as a painter at Buffalo, soon to realize that this art-form was not suited for her and turned into photography for expressing herself. Cindy became known for her self-portrait series Untitled Film Stills, where she betrays different roles of B-movie actresses. The photographs portray different female characters, from housewife and actress, to dancer and prostitute, providing clear social criticism and questioning the role of women in art and society in general.

After “running out of clichés”, Sherman changed her style and besides using other people (in addition to self-portraits) in Disasters, Fairy Tales and History Portraits she uses prosthetic body parts, doll parts and colour lighting to produce more scary and grotesque images. For her next series Sex Pictures, she removed herself completely from the pictures but maintained the prosthetic body parts to produce sexual poses. Amongst her other work, her Clown series is also quite famous, as well as her latest raw and straight-forward portraits. It has to be noted that Sherman also directed a horror film but never really made a success on the big screen. Personally, while the “prosthetic” period of Sherman’s work is quite interesting, I’m still a big fan of the Untitled Film Stills.

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